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Optimum sports performance is best achieved by balancing sport specific training, functional movement exercise, nutrition, sports psychology and adequate recovery to name just a few. The care we provide helps to fulfil part of this picture. Working in conjunction with the other members of your team is the ideal here as no one professional can realistically be an expert in every area.

Achieving your Goals

These concepts are just as relevant whether you are a professional athlete, a charity fun runner or an aspiring exerciser. Good communication is key here so with your permission we are happy to work with other members of your team to help achieve your goals. If on the other hand you would like some help to develop the team around you we would be happy to recommend other trusted professionals that may fit the bill for you.

Our Role

Our role within this picture will usually focus on the identification of predisposing factors that are limiting complete and quality movement patterns. Depending on the team around you we can then advise what you should work on and discuss with the other professionals that you work with, we can prescribe relevant progressive exercises that are sport specific or we can focus on the hands on treatment of the identified challenge.

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