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Neck Pain

Neck pain and back pain are the most common issues that many people seek chiropractic treatment for, but of course not all neck and back pain presentations are the same. Neck pain can often involve shoulder problems which can often be felt through to the mid back, and both neck and shoulder problems can often involve arm pain and/or headache presentations.

Environmental factors such as work and exercise habits are often involved, so too can mental stress and nutritional factors be a component.

Even with a short introduction it can become apparent how interrelated and overlapping many pain experiences can be. Through our experience we aim to simplify this complexity so you see effective results in a timely manner.

Problems that may be treated include:

  • Neck pain, including associated arm pains
  • Headaches: Including cervicogenic headache (headaches that come from the neck), some Migraines and Tension-type headaches
  • Minor sports injuries
  • Shoulder pains
  • Mid back pain, especially associated with shoulder and low back issues
  • Low back pains - see more on back pain
  • Hip pains and sciatica

Evidence shows that hands on treatment combined with self-care advice and exercises results in better outcomes than either alone, therefore, providing it is appropriate to do so in your case, treatment will often involve a combination of exercises / advice to promote self-care and rehabilitation plus hands-on care such as manipulation or adjustments along with soft tissue work and western medical acupuncture.

Wherever necessary we are happy to work with other healthcare practitioners or personal trainers you may be engaging with as we understand that evidence also shows collaborative care results in better outcomes.

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