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Prevention is essentially about identifying a risk of injury and dealing with it before it reaches crisis point. Rehabilitation on the other hand deals with recovery from an injury that has already occurred and then progresses to include preventing a similar thing from happening in the future.

Preventing Injury

Preventing injury is a complex concept related to risk for future events. No one can predict future events entirely of course, but putting measures in place to prevent repetitive fatigue and improve general physical preparedness can reduce the risk of work absence or reduced sports performance. While some pains or injuries progress gradually with mild symptoms, others can present with sudden onset severe pain without prior symptoms. In both cases a large part of preventing such events is identifying movement capacities and problems that represent imbalances, compensations and weaknesses, then addressing them. These would be the predisposing factors as viewed physically. Of course there may be nutritional, hormonal and psychological factors at play, in which case working with other healthcare professionals as well would be advised.

Pain from Injury

Pain is often present without injury as an experience of training, in which case working into pain but being respectful of it may be appropriate and allow for positive adaptive change. But pain can also be a warning not to challenge or load that way, at least for now. It is one thing to be free from pain but quite another to improve your movement so that you prevent recurrence and improve performance. During the processes of prevention and rehabilitation we review aspects of strength, flexibility, and endurance. It is important in this process that the work we do is relevant to your needs and goals.

Active Care

Hands on work which includes manipulation, adjustments, massage techniques and western acupuncture among others, can also be referred to as passive care. Such treatments have been shown to be safe and effective in many situations to achieve relief and aid recovery. Often results are instant, all be it partial, and as such can be a very appealing and appropriate part of what we do. But remember that passive care alone can never make you stronger in the long term without also exploring activity changes.

In the majority of cases we will therefore also explore developing the work that you do, through advice and exercises, referred to as active care, meaning that you are more in control for the future. Done well this will also have the liberating effect of saving you time and money. While we will give advice, finding the right balance of active and passive care for you remains your choice at all times.

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