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Prevention is essentially about identifying a risk of injury and dealing with it before it reaches crisis point. Rehabilitation on the other hand deals with recovery from an injury that has already occurred and then progresses to include preventing a similar thing from happening in the future.

Preventing Injury

This is largely achieved by assessing movement for weaknesses and imbalances and developing a strategy to address them. Putting measures in place to prevent repetitive strain injury can reduce the risk of work absence or reduced sports performance. While some strains progress gradually with mild symptoms, others can present with sudden onset severe pain without prior symptoms, in both cases a large part of the puzzle is identifying movement problems which represent imbalances and weaknesses - the predisposing factors.

Pain from Injury

Pain is only part of the picture as noted above on preventing injury. It is one thing to be free from pain but quite another to improve your movement so that you prevent recurrence and improve performance. During the processes of prevention and rehabilitation we review aspects of strength, flexibility, and endurance. It is important in this process that the work we do is relevant to your needs and goals.

Active Care

In the majority of cases we will aim to place the emphasis on the work that you do, meaning that you are more in control for the future. This is called active care and is the best way forward saving you both time and money. This is then supported by the hands on techniques we provide to further speed up the process.

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