Beyond Level 0 COVID Practice Update

Certain measures remain in place beyond Level 0 in line with Scottish Government guidelines.

Video consultations remain an option: Allowing assessment and advice supported by video and email resources without the need for you to leave your home. Especially relevant if you have underlying health concerns that put you at higher risk during the pandemic – find out more about video consultations below and book online.

In-clinic appointments – essential & routine appointments: Find out more about our treatments below and book online or phone reception on 0141 278 6052. All in-clinic appointments will involve COVID screening prior to attendance, distancing where possible, PPE use throughout and cleaning between appointments. We have also installed medical grade air purifiers in all treatment rooms to further reduce risk.

Any further questions before booking please use the enquiry form below.

0141 278 6052
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How we work

Chiropractors help people get the most out of what they enjoy doing. We make life more comfortable for people with long term pains, help athletes achieve peak performance and keep weekend warriors fit and healthy through the week so they're ready for the weekend.

Chiropractic care can help with lower back, neck and headaches, but we see people for many different niggles or pains they might experience. This can include joint and muscle problems elsewhere in the body, not just the back. When people have trouble moving in a certain way or they feel pain or discomfort we assess the problem and offer a suitable course of action to resolve the issue. Our treatments help them feel better and reach their fitness goals. 

Whatever fitness means to you is what we aim for. Every chiropractor has access to a range of techniques and at our clinic we tailor the options to your unique body and challenges. 

At ChiroProActive, our goal is to help you get back to peak fitness as soon as possible. Before we recommend a treatment, we follow a careful process to help us fully understand the problem you're experiencing. This includes talking you through the options available and helping you make the decision that is right for you. Our treatments blend hands-on therapy in the clinic with at-home exercise so you can take control of your recovery. On your journey we will also give you essential advice on general health and nutrition to help you get the best results from our care. 

After supporting you with treatments and advice, we will be in touch with check-ups to ensure the same problems don't happen again and that your performance improves over time. This means you can continue to get the most out of what you enjoy and often set new goals. 

Chiropractors, like doctors and dentists, are primary care practitioners which means you can take advantage of our care without a referral. If you have a pain that's keeping you from the things you enjoy in life call ChiroProActive on 0141 278 6052 or fill in our contact form to arrange a free consultation.

Note: lots of people contact us when they are in pain so if you would like to have treatment on your first visit it is usually better to book an initial consultation which is 1 hour and will include treatment wherever appropriate. Book online or phone 0141 278 6052.

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